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aroma of freshly sliced watermelon, ripe sweetness, juicy melon, after a long summery day. Loud but not too sweet. It’s a slice of summer

Juicy Watermelon Candle

  Relish the scents of your favorite fruits with our wide range of flavored candles. This candle comes with a single, double and three-wick design depending upon your choice and required light. These designs charge different rates according to the number of wicks. Furnishing with just the right amount of radiance, this pleasing Juicy Watermelon Candle is plotted in a lucid glass container for an accomplished style allowing it to go with any place decor. Placing candles in your home and therapy rooms can generate a more relaxing and peaceful environment to help improve your positive thoughts. So just fill up your home with the right amount of throw that calls on the fragrances of the season and top quality ingredients from worldwide. Moreover, we choose the classic natural fiber wick for each candle to ensure the best possible long burn. The archetypal jar shape provides the perfect long burn to turn out a welcoming home for your valuable family and friends. You will be delighted with the exclusive quality of this ultimate summer refresher from the well-known candle manufacturer in the USA. Get in touch with us to attain the satisfying experience of our Juicy Watermelon Candle at very reasonable rates. 

aroma of freshly sliced watermelon, ripe sweetness, juicy melon, after a long summery day. Loud but not too sweet. It’s a slice of summer
8oz is $12
12oz is $15
20oz is $24 (3 wick candle)


Watermelon Candle in Texas, New Jersey USA

Summer is in full sway when the perfume of lushly sliced watermelon whirls through the air. Now lighten up your home with your favorite flavored fragrances. We have brought a wide range of scents for you that you can buy for embellishing your home according to your mood. Now you can find the top quality Watermelon Candle in Texas, NJ USA at very low rates with free shipping. Mu & CC is the leading candle manufacturer in the town that supplies premium quality fragrances in bulk at the cheapest prices. Call back to the first bite of juicy watermelon after playing outside on a long summer day with our watermelon candles that light up your home along with creating a soothing environment. Additionally, our candles burn tidily without leaving any black marks on the glass which gives a more elegant look to the decor of your home. Please read the safety precautions enclosed in the packing before using our candles. Place the lit candle on such a surface that is heat resistant to avoid any heat damage. So we don’t take any responsibility for any damage that occurred due to the misuse of our candles. Contact us right now and get amazing deals on all ranges of candles.


8oz, 12oz, 20oz


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